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Evgeni Plushenko: Why I use R.O.C.S. oral hygiene 


Toothpaste R.O.C.S. first appeared in my bathroom long time ago. At first I did not even know that it is made in Russia. It was a very pleasant surprise and a source of pride for me.

All of us have a different type of R.O.C.S. toothpaste, because the human teeth are individual, and to use one tube for the whole family is wrong. The manufacturers have thought about it as I have never seen so many different types of toothpaste represented by any other brand. You can choose an own type of R.O.C.S. for anyone it is just important to make a correct choice.

R.O.C.S. toothpaste has a lot of flavors, sometimes the eyes diverge. From the already familiar sweet and peppermint to quite unexpected, such as chocolate. Sometimes morning begins with a difficult choice.

With the birth of Sasha we as all the parents would do thought about his health. I must admit, when the first teeth came, we began to explore the whole range of pastes for kids, but once again proved that nothing better than R.O.C.S. has been invented. Pleasant discovery was that the baby toothpaste reduces suffering children when cutting. And it I so much easier for the parents and all others.

With the time, the product line in my arsenal became wider. I discovered toothbrushes. Here, at first, I was attracted by design. Such a combination of minimalism, at the same time unusual solution and functionality I have not seen in toothbrushes. Typically, manufacturers are trying to cram as much as possible into the brush design and make it artsy and colorful, but here it's different. I have never regretted that I bought one. It is simple and stylish, but after the first use you realize that it is cleans perfectly.


Further came – mouth wash, dental floss, mouth spray (an indispensable thing in any situation), generally and slowly R.O.C.S. production took an entire shelf in the bathroom.


When our family was asked to become the face of the brand, I agreed without thinking. Some actors and athletes sign contracts, looking at the numbers and conditions. But we appreciate the quality of the product. I cannot advise people to use the things which I do not use myself.


Meeting the team R.O.C.S. was pleasantly surprising. The head of the company is a great woman - high-class professional, which once again proves that anything is possible if you want it. And she once wanted to create a quality product for their newborn daughter.


This simple wish led to the fact that on account of R.O.C.S. manufacturers are more than 50 international patents. It is surprising that all employees of the company with whom I met, just fans of their business and products. Anyone for the team can tell you about all the products to assist in the selection of pasta, and when speaking their eyes shine. When they learned that I have long been using the paste, I was immediately asked what I like and do not like what I would have changed. It's nice when you are listened to, even if you're in it and not a professional. I was told about a unique manufacturing process - cold boiling. You should agree it is an intriguing name. This process takes 4 times more time than the other pastes, and because of it it preserves many more nutrients. After these stories, I happily agreed to visit the R.O.C.S. toothpastes production factory.


Of course, I realized that for as the R.O.C.S. products are sold in more than 25 countries around the world, the production will be great. But not just that! The plant turned out absolutely new and not as common now, old-converted. First of all, going into the building, I was dressed in sterile clothing. There no matter what brand you're wearing - Armani, Chanel, Dior - everything will be hidden under a white bathrobe and shoe covers. For me was conducted a tour, I was given a chance to participate in certain processes. I felt like a real chemist. All stages of production brought to the maximum environmental friendliness. So nice to see that people in Russia are thinking about the environment. I certainly do not visit the toothpaste production plant that often, but if there was a competition amongst them, the R.O.C.S. production plant would be able to get a gold medal on all counts.