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Publications / 2013 / R.O.C.S. at IDS in Cologne

R.O.C.S. at IDS in Cologne 


At the 35th International Dental Show (IDS) that took place in Cologne our company was represented with its own stand. Our stand organised mini-lectures that were conducted by a medical consultant of the brand, Doctor of Medicine Andrey Akulovich.


Every day we offered dentists from different countries the lectures: “Maintaining Results After Professional Teeth Whitening” and “Modern Aspects of Remineralization Therapy”.

Over five days the exhibition was visited by tens of thousands of specialists from different countries, many of whom demonstrated their interest in the original line of products of R.O.C.S. and received information and product samples.

The specialists’ biggest interest was in the products of R.O.C.S. Medical series and in our new R.O.C.S. PRO line.