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ENERGY with taurine 

Boost your energy and vigour in the morning!



Indications and active components:


The product has been enhanced with taurine for energetic support of metabolism in the gum tissues and for improved cell safety in high-risk situations of inflammatory periodontal diseases.


The exceptionally soft toothpaste is manufactured using our unique cold preparation technology, which allows preservation of the active state of components. The toothpaste does not contain any of the following: fluorine, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, colouring agents, antiseptics. A system based on natural ingredients is used for preservation.


High safety level. Can be recommended to children older than 4 years. Suitable for daily cleaning of teeth.


-Unique, rich taste

-Makes your teeth stronger*

-Protects against caries*

-Suppresses cariogenic bacteria*

-Protects gums against inflammation

-Promotes normalisation of microbial balance in the mouth*


Owing to antimicrobial properties of the constituent extracts, this product does not require use of potent preservatives or special storage conditions


* Confirmed by laboratory tests and clinical studies.

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