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“Clean teeth” event in Dockweiler elementary school 


Recently our team received the following letter. We would like to thank Dockweiler elementary school (Germany) and Mrs. Weyer personally for their co-operation!


“In 2014 thanks to various different sponsors, including our largest sponsor R.O.C.S., we were able to conduct the “Clean teeth” event in Dockweiler elementary school. R.O.C.S. provided us with over 30 brushes of different sizes for different age groups, as well as with 15 toothpastes of different flavours. Every child had a suitable brush and paste – everyone was able to find a set he/she liked. We are very grateful, because the event would not have been possible without the help of sponsors. All children of the elementary school participated in the event.



In order to demonstrate to the children what is important in order to preserve beautiful teeth we used various visual aids and our own understanding of what is healthy. In the end we always asked children what it is right and what wrong to do in any particular situation. Since many children often have their baby teeth damaged by caries, preventive measures are crucial. Regular oral care, healthy eating, dental visits, and above all the correct brushing of teeth – these are the main factors for the preservation of healthy teeth.

Our teeth (both of adults and children) are not just a tool for chewing: robust and healthy baby teeth are a prerequisite for functional and healthy permanent teeth. A healthy and balanced diet will not only take care of teeth, but also of a person’s health in general. Besides, correctly positioned teeth and jaws affect the appearance of a person. The development of facial muscles and correct position of the tongue (which is influenced by sucking and chewing) are important for the development of speech skills in children. Thus, healthy and proper development of teeth and jaws affects the development of the entire human being.


Children are affected on different levels of perception, so activities corresponding to the interests of children are especially important. It can be drawing, making collages & experiments, games, handicraft, books or songs. It is all very important in kindergartens and schools, since we often see that children from less well-off families have very bad teeth. Such events are among the ways to teach children to assume responsibility for their own health (including teeth) and teach them what they really need to know.


A topic: Draw your tooth! What does your tooth look like? What can you do to make it smile?

We bake waffles. What are the ingredients we use? How do they taste? How do we decorate waffles? What could be dangerous after a meal? What can be done to avoid putting teeth at risk if you want to have a snack? Most importantly, do you eat a lot of sweets?


We make cookie houses with some great sweets. What do we use? What components do we eat in everyday life and how much? Do we help our teeth if we often have snacks? What is right? What choices should we make? What should we always do after eating?

Let’s go outside! Let’s stock up on energy for our wonderful well-being. Small snacks are very important. But what is healthy? What should be avoided? Can we even eat sweets at all?

It should be fun! Without fun and motivation children do not get inspired by the idea of oral hygiene. In most cases restrictions just provoke the opposite reaction. As an adult, you have to learn to be a child. Imagine yourself again as a kid. Show the children that a beautiful smile can work wonders. No matter how you achieve this. Children quickly become interested and willing to participate in a pastime that gives them positive emotions. 


Thanks to games and enjoyment, children begin to take the subject seriously. Show the children that it is important that superheroes have good teeth. Children will brush their teeth with pleasure and enthusiasm. Superheroes need clean, healthy and shiny teeth! And with the right toothpaste and brush teeth cleaning is actually a pleasure!


Demonstrate every aspect of a smile – effortlessly and with pleasure show a smile on every face.


10 important arguments for cleaning teeth in kindergartens and elementary schools:


- The ability to clean teeth is not innate, but rather an acquired one;

- Daily brushing of teeth gives all children an equal opportunity to keep their teeth healthy, especially for children from less well-off families, where the subject of oral hygiene is not of high priority;

- Kindergarten and elementary schools contribute to the development of awareness in oral care and the habit of brushing teeth on a regular basis;

- Even if the cleaning technique is not yet perfected due to the motility characteristics of the age of children, regular local fluoridation of children's teeth is achieved;

- Facilitation of the development of children’s personal qualities and increasing independence are important goals of the kindergarten and elementary school;

- Children learn to assume responsibility for their own health and later in other situations always consider the interests of their health;

- Parents also receive proper incentives through the distribution of oral hygiene sets and information booklets;

- If this subject is discussed in kindergarten and elementary school, teachers make the parents realise that the topic is important, facilitating further prophylactic measures;

- Group experience increases motivation and the readiness of children to learn;

- Children spend up to 8 hours a day in kindergarten and elementary school (2/3 of their time). They have dinner there, and snacks twice a day, so it is necessary to ensure proper oral hygiene in those places.


We decided to explain the importance of dental care to children in the manner that they understand best: through games and while having a good time. Unfortunately, a mere reminder to brush one’s teeth cannot be the main one. The decisive factor is the choice of toothpaste and brush that will help keeping brushing fun. Not all children enjoy paste of the same flavour. Changing the flavour from time to time reawakens interest in cleaning teeth, and smiling becomes twice as much fun! The prohibition of sweets is just as bad as too many sweets at once.


Thus the combination of proper dental care and proper nutrition helps to keep our teeth beautiful”.