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This page is focused on the questions of dental care and hygiene.

Here you can ask questions about dental care in general and R.O.C.S.® products in particuliar. Our dental hygienist will provide you with a professional answer.

Your questions and answers will be published right on this page. 



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To whom it may concern, from the beginning of my daughter's 3rd year I used to brush teeth with R.O.C.S. Kids Fruity Cone with ice-cream flavor for 3-7 ages, but I did not realize that it contained 2 types of parabens and now I am not comfortable with it. Can you please explain why a child toothpaste contains parabens and whether there happened to be any harm to her general heatlh until now because of the paraben? Thank you very much for your answer in advance?

Best Regards. (16.08.17, Gulin)


Dear Gulin,

thank You for Your question.

The children's toothpastes are allowed to contain parabens, as these are not unsafe components. If you wish to avoid these components, you can use the toothpaste R.O.C.S. PRO kids from 3 to 7 years, in this paste the parabens are replaced with other functionally similar components.



please could you tell me where the glycerin R.O.C.S. use, is derived from? (17. 05.17, Julia)


Thank You for Your question.

The glycerin comes from a plant source.


1) My question is how to best use your remineralizing gel for the treatment of white spot lesions (as a result of caries - not fluorosis): how many times a day, for how long, by brushing or with a mouth tray and so on - any tip that can help.


2) Another question concerns fluoride toothpastes: is it OK/advisable to use them during the gel treatment period or better avoid them until after the treatment (as I think I read somewhere but am not exactly sure)?


3) And finally, would it be fine to apply the gel to the teeth with a brush and THEN put a mouth tray on to avoid swallowing the gel before time (as opposed to putting the gel inside the tray and inserting in the mouth)? Will there be any difference in effectiveness? Thank you. (05.02.17, Sergei)

Dear Sergei,

1. The remineralization gel as a treatment for dental fluorosis should start being applied after professional hygiene procedure including microabrasion of tooth stains. The gel should be applied once a day, it can be put on in any convenient manner, after applying the gel it is advised to use mouthguard to screen the gel from being washed off with saliva. The gel may be used on a daily basis for one year.

2. During the remineralization course we advise to use toothpastes without fluorine, and further on it is also better not to use these products, toothpastes with minerals would be the adequate choice.

3. First, apply the gel, and then screen the teeth with mouthguard to protect the gel from being washed off with saliva.

Hi There,

I notice that your toothpastes contain parabens and I am concerned about the effects of parabens on human health and in particular the endocrine system - can you explain why you use parabens in your products. (16.10.16, Juliette)


Parabens are considered to be safe preservatives and most of the cosmetics contain them for exactly this purpose. Feel free to have a look at our toothpastes without parabens, there are quite a few to choose out of:

Natural toothpaste R.O.C.S.® Bionica

R.O.C.S.® toothpaste Bionica Whitening

Natural toothpaste R.O.C.S.® Bionica for sensitive teeth

Whitening toothpaste R.O.C.S.® Magic Whitening

Whitening toothpaste R.O.C.S.® Sensation Whitening

Toothpaste R.O.C.S.® Blooming Jasmine

R.O.C.S. PRO whitening toothpaste Fresh Mint delicate whitening

R.O.C.S. PRO whitening toothpaste Sweet Mint delicate whitening

Hello, how to use R.O.C.S. Baby PRO on 6months old baby? (26.08.16, Lee)

Dear Lee, until your child's molars have not come out, you can just apply a small amount of toothpaste on a piece of gauze or silicone finger brush and rub the first baby teeth with it.\

Hello! I've seen Baby PRO toothpaste. Very interesting in that product, is there any difference between usual R.O.C.S. Baby paste and Baby Pro? (12.08.16, Kate)

Dear Kate,

toothpaste R.O.C.S. Baby PRO includes remineralizing complex, which is not present in toothpaste R.O.C.S. Baby, besides that R.O.C.S. Baby PRO is reinforced by two extracts of honeysuckle, and the shelf life of R.O.C.S. Baby PRO is 3 months after opening the tube.

Hello, I have had some white spots and also yellow plaque on my teeth for a couple of years now. I wanted to know if You have a toothpaste that would help? (09.08.16, Amanda)


first of all You should visit a dentist in order to determine the nature of white dots, as it can be either fluorosis or dental caries in the stage of white spot. Next we advise to undergo a professional oral hygiene for effective stain removal. After that it is expedient to do a course of remineralization therapy with Remineralizing gel R.O.C.S.® Medical Minerals while for daily care we recommend using toothepaste R.O.C.S. with mineralin complex.

Hello! I've bought a toothpaste R.O.C.S Sensational whitening, but the tube is black. On the Products page of your website this toothpaste is in a black box and in a white tube. Have i bought fake product or you've just changed the design? Thank you! (26.06.16, Lena)

Hello and thank You for your question.

The new tube is black. We will update the image of the package on the website

Hello, This might by sound like a silly question/s but I am new to this brand and would like a toothpaste that is an all rounder? I have sensitive teeth but I would a toothpaste which is great at effective cleaning. If you are new which would you recommend to start with or try? (19.06.16, Karen)



Thank You for Your inquiry. We recommend You Whitening toothpaste R.O.C.S. SENSITIVE Repair & Whitening.

Hello! My teeth are in a sad taste. Despite brushing and flossing, my teeth are crumbling. My dentist told me that I risk losing my back teeth. Is there anything I can do to preserve my teeth? (17.06.16, Maria)



Thank You for Your inquiry. We recommend you go through а professional oral hygiene and then complete а remineralization course with R.O.C.S. Medical gel

Hi, Please can you tell me if your range of toothpastes are suitable for vegetarians or vegans? Is the glycerin a vegetable or animal source? Many thanks. (26.04.16 Amabel)




Thank You for Your inquiry. All components are plant-based and thus are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Hello, I have a question about the remineralizing medical gel, which I have just ordered and received. I am using it for enamel remineralization, as my enamel is becoming transparent (greyish). How long should I use the gel in order to see results? On your website it says 2-4 weeks, but on the notice it says up to 4 months for enamel problems. Please let me know if it's safe and recommended to use the product for more than 4 weeks if I don't see results. In addition, it says on the notice that one should leave the gel for 15 minutes, but it also says not to rinse. So does it mean that one should apply the gel and not rinse it at all? Also, is it recommended to apply the gel before going to bed and leave it for all night? Please let me know. (27.01.16, Aicha)


After consulting with our scientists we are glad to inform you that it is safe to use the remineralizing medical gel for more than a month. There is no need to rinse after using the gel, thus before going to bed is the perfect time for applying it.

What is the difference between Sensation Whitening and Magic Whitening? Are they both for daily use or only for a prescribed amount of time? Thank you. (13.12.15, Mark)


The difference between Sensation Whitening and Magic Whitening is in the colour of granules and flavouring composition. Like any whitening toothpastes these should be alternated with toothpaste for regular daily oral care.

Is R.O.C.S. mineral gel only meant to be used at night? Can I use it in the morning or in the afternoon? Can I use R.O.C.S. mineral gel throughout the year? Can it stop tooth decay? (04.12.15, Anna)


R.O.C.S. mineral gel can be used at any time of the day, whenever suits you best. It can be used throughout the year, however the standard recommended approach is 2 weeks of usage followed by a 6 months pause. The gel helps to reduce the risk of carious and non-carious lesions of dental hard tissues.

Hello, can I get a list of toothpastes ROCS, which do not contain in its composition of mint and menthol? Interested in toothpaste for children from 8 years old and adults. Thank you. (08.10.15, Den)



Hello, thank You for Your question. In our actual assortiment we do not have toothpastes, which do not contain mint and menthol.

Hi! I recently purchased R.O.C.S Remineralising care and I have lost my instructions for use how do I use the product effectively. (03.04.15, Brooke C.)



Hello and thank You for Your eMail. Please follow the instructions:

- Brush your teeth with R.O.C.S. toothpaste before the gel is applied,

- Apply the Gel on all parts of the teeth using a toothbrush or applicator,

- Recommended duration of use is 15 minutes,

- After 15 minutes you can spit out the rest of the gel,

- Do not wash your mouth and do not eat or drink after gel for 40-50 minutes.

Hello, is the remineralizing gel R.O.C.S.® Medical Minerals contain any substance originated from animals? (10.03.15, Sha)



Hello and thank you for your question. No, Medical Minerals has only vegetable origin.

Hello, I have initial stage of caries it looks like a white spots on enamel in some places they covered with brown plaques. I would like to buy R.O.C.S. Medical Minerals gel. Do you think it will help me to restore enamel? The other question: Where I can buy it if I live in Holland? Thank you in advance, (31.03.15, Elina)


Dear Elina, yes, our product will definitely help you. Remineralizing gel contains bioavailable sources of calcium, phosphate and magnesium and remineralizing therapy is known as one of the most effective and phisiologically natural ways to prevent caries. In your case remineralizing therapy helps restore mineral saturation and increase dental enamel resistance. You can buy our products in our online-store.

Hi! On the sensitive teeth toothpaste, recommended use is stated to be 4 weeks. Would I put myself in danger using this product all year long? I very much prefer the taste and mouthfeel, and would very much rather use this product all the time. Would you advice against doing so? (31.03.15, Dan S.)


Hello! Our toothpaste Mango and Banana for sensitive teeth contains a special component that reduces painful sensitivity (for hot, cold and sour). If after a month of use this painful sensitivity does not pass - this is a sign of more serious problems in the oral cavity. In this case we recommend you to consult the dentist. That's why we recommend not to use this toothpaste all the time and take a break after one month.


Good afternoon! I would like to know if your products contain Glycerin?

(08.10.12, André Noack)



Good afternoon and thank you for your question! Yes, the products can contain Glycerin because it is a classic humectant. However, in some cases Glycerin can be replaced by Sorbitol.


Hello! My child is 7 years and 6 months old. What kind of toothpaste should I choose: from 4 to 7 years or from 8 to 18 years? The enamel is weak and not formed yet. With or without fluoride? Thank you. (Lily)


Hi Lily! Your child can safely use Teens toothpaste from 8 to 18, that includes amino-fluoride formula and does not only strengthens the weak enamel, but also forms a protective film on its surface to protect it!

Do ROCS toothpastes contain fluoride? (Hermann Spraul)



No, ROCS toothpastes for adults do not contain fluoride.

Good afternoon! I am pregnant, and I use ROCS Mouthwash Double Mint. Please advice, if it is safe to use it during pregnancy? (Veronica)


Hello, Veronica! It is not only safe but very useful to use ROCS Mouthwash Double Mint, because it includes Laminaria extract, which has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Minerals and xylitol saturate the hard tissues of teeth, increase their resistance; mouthwashes do not contain alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, antiseptics, and fluoride (this is especially important for people living in areas of excess fluoride in the water).