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Product Delivery 

For product delivery from our UK warehouse to Independent customers, please allow 5 days.

Wholesale or bulk orders from our German warehouse, please allow up to 14 days delivery time.


It is possible to deliver R.O.C.S.® products all over the world thanks to the R.O.C.S.® Global Logistics and Trade center ( R.O.C.S.® GLT) in countries of Eastern, Central and Western Europe and CIS. In addition, to ease the order making process, R.O.C.S.® GLT is connected with R.O.C.S.® e-shop (


All retail and bulk orders are delivered via cargo handling/courier companies such as Schenker and DHL, by post, and sometimes using our own vehicles as well.

The corresponding customs clearance is obtained, and mandatory registry procedures carried out for all deliverable products. These are safely transported and trade packaged; advertising materials, samples and product catalogs may be enclosed upon your specific request.


Delivery guarantees for all international retail and bulk customers are issued by R.O.C.S.® GLT. regional representative offices.


Our global logistics network allows us to carry out international retail and bulk deliveries using fast and safe transport channels.


Base points of logistics network:



■ Moscow (DRC Global Ltd.)

Responsible for: Russia, CIS, Asia.


■ Tallinn (Suvoroff Trade OU)

Responsible for: North and Eastern European countries


■ Helsinki (additional stock Suvoroff Trade OÜ)

Responsible for: Finland.



■ München (R.O.C.S.® Trading GmbH)

Responsible for: Western European countries and others.