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Mouthwash is used to prevent tooth decay, dental caries and gum disease.


R.O.C.S.® mouthwashes are made with natural ingredients, do not contain fluoride, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and antiseptics. They contain Laminaria extract which has anti-inflammatory and tissue regeneration effects and is a source of useful aminoacids and microelements. The formula includes bio-available compounds of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium, which are the principal structure elements of hard dental tissues. The formula is enriched with a high concentration of Xylitol, which provides additional protection against dental caries.


Since mouthwash easily gets to those oral cavity areas which are difficult to reach otherwise, it should be used after tooth brushing for more complete and effective hygiene. To do this, pour mouthwash into the bottle cap and rinse your mouth for about 30 seconds. Do not swallow.


Regular use of R.O.C.S.® mouthwash may have the following effects:

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