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Teens toothpaste 8-18 years 

The prevalence of major dental diseases in preschool and school-age children remains high. This requires improvement in preventive care, thus creating more effective habits of personal hygiene. Children's manual skills remain insufficiently developed for self-tooth-brushing until they are 9-10 years old. Parents must bear in mind that daily toothbrushing should be performed by adults until the above age. Proper toothbrushing technique should be observed by both parents and children. Please remember that your child should visit a dentist and dental hygienist at least twice a year!


Soluble fluoride salts are commonly used in order to prevent dental cavities amongst school-age children. The action of anticaries fluoride consists in improving enamel resistance to the dissolving action of acids. Currently, it has been clinically confirmed that not all sources of fluoride used in toothpaste and mouthwash products are equally effective in protecting teeth from decay. Aminofluoride salts have proven the most effective option, as data from clinical trials on anticaries effectiveness of aminofluorides demonstrates. Their capacity is much higher in comparison with inorganic fluoride salts. The combination of aminofluoride and xylitol used in R.O.C.S.® Teens toothpastes makes it possible to reduce the concentration of active fluoride without losing the clinical efficacy.


If it is contraindicated or undesirable for a teen to use fluorides (living in areas of endemic fluorosis, already taking some medication containing fluoride, suffering from thyroid disease, etc.), we recommend that you use fluoride-free R.O.C.S.® kids toothpastes depending on the age of a child or R.O.C.S.® fluoride-free toothpastes for adults. It is psychollogically satisfying for school-age chidren not to use toothpastes for small children, but have their own special product, with original flavors and trendy package designs.


It is very imporntant for school-age chidren that they do not use toothpastes for small children, but have an own special product with original tastes and trendy package designs.


The range of R.O.C.S.® Teens toothpastes comprises:



R.O.C.S.® Teens Go active!
Toothpaste with cola and lemon flavor
R.O.C.S.® Teens Sweet Rush of Wild Strawberry
Toothpaste with wild strawberry flavor
R.O.C.S.® Teens Double Mint
Toothpaste with the invigorating freshness of minty flavor