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R.O.C.S.® toothbrush 

R.O.C.S.® toothbrushes – Uniqueness in simplicit


R.O.C.S.® toothbrushes stand out from the rest because of their simplicity and style. They are easy to use owing to the following quality features:

The line of professional products manufactured by R.O.C.S.® includes toothbrushes distinguished by their shape, innovative design and high quality standards.


R.O.C.S.® toothbrushes rank first among toothbrushes exported from Russia to Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States*


*According to the “2009 Russian market oral care products study” conducted by GRC (Global Reach Consulting), DRC Global ranks first among toothbrush exports volume (34.6% in value terms) www.grconsulting.ru



Baby toothbrush for children aged 0 to 3 years old
Teens toothbrush for children and teens aged 8-18 years old
Professional tooth cleaning

Whitening toothbrush
Professional tooth cleaning
Medical Extra-soft brush
Delicate care for teeth and gums