Where to buy?
R.O.С.S.® products can be purchased from pharmacy and supermarket chains around the world, as well as online stores.
Where to buy?
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For buyers

If you would like to purchase R.O.C.S. products for yourself and your family, please contact our Resperentatives in the EU

European Union global representation

Unicosmetic OÜ

10621, Laki 14A, Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: (+372) 6517713

E-mail: eu@globaldrc.com

Contact person: Maria Terentjeva

For global business

We offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. Build your business with us!

DRC Group

Headquarter: 123592 Bld g.1 20 Kulakova street, Moscow, Russia

Head of International Sales

Sergey Vostrukhin

E-mail: Sergey.Vostrukhin@globaldrc.com

Telephone: +7 (495) 781 92 03

For non-residents

For customers and business partners in the CIS countries


For customers and business partners in Europe


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